I used to be in charge of sales at a trading company for a long time and after that I was in charge of intellectual property at a sports goods manufacturer and later I was responsible for trademarks at a patent office. Based on my professional experiences and work in trademarks for 15 years, I believe strongly that I would be able to support and give proper advice to my clients for all their business needs.

My philosophy is “Trademark is one of the means for selling goods and services”. The purpose of implementing trademarks to goods or services is to sell more effectively. Therefore, I think it is, of course, important to sell goods and services safely with trademarks, and I also make continuous efforts to suggest trademarks appropriately to align with the sales strategy about which trademark is more effective and how to use it.

I hope I am able to help you to protect your important trademarks and to maximize sales of goods and services as much as possible.

 Toshiaki Shimada  (Managing Director)




Firm name Shimada International Patent Office 
Establishment date June 28, 2013
address 7F Nihonbashi-Ningyocho-Place bldg., 1-13-7, Nihonbashikakigaracho,
Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0014 Japan
TEL/FAX +81(0)3-6841-3215 / +81(0)3-6841-3481
E-mail t-shimada@shimapat.jp
Members Toshiaki Shimada (Managing Director/Patent Attorney)
Yoichiro Kamimura(Patent Attorney)
Nanae Maeda (Assistant)
Business contents Representing Japanese clients for international and domestic search of trademarks, application procedure, Agency of International clients for domestic search, application procedure Advice and consultation related to trademarks.
Business feature We specialize in trademarks. We are also able to introduce an association for patent and design.



Name Toshiaki Shimada
Work Experience KANEMATSU INC.
Gained a patent qualification of a patent attorney(2006)
Mark-I INC.(Director)
Established Shimada International Patent Office (28 June, 2013)
Affiliation Japan Patent Attorneys Association, a comittee of services
Literary Work Recent court decisions based on Trademark Law – for Trademark practitioners II
Hobby Soccer:Belong to an amateur soccer team in Hachioji
Running:The best result of full marathon is 03:23:00
Music:tenor part in chorus
Reading various genres. Reading books in a park is my blissful time.



We provide agency services for clients as below.



Before filling a trademark, we search for distinctiveness (differentiation compared to other company products) of the trademark and analyze for the presence of identical or similar marks.

Search for use

We search whether the trademark conflicting with proposed mark is actually used or not. If we find the trademark is not used, we can void the use of the trademark by trial for cancellation of a registered trademark not in use.

Search for situation

We can know detailed information about applied or registered trademarks by submitting to the Patent Office or by inspection of the file wrapper of an application.


We can file trademarks by submission of application to the Patent Office.


We can register trademarks after we make a payment of patent fees.

Intermediate process

Trademarks will be examined to see if it is proper to be registered or not by an examiner after we apply. If grounds for unregistability is found, the examiner will issue notice of reasons for rejection. We can respond for rejection by filing an argument or an amendment.

◎We are able to conduct naming (make a suggestion for trademark name) by outsourcing to a business partner at a stage prior to the search of prior trademarks.
Request of a trial against the final rejection of the application

If an examiner determines that the proposed mark should not be registered even after we have filed an argument or an amendment as above, the examiner will issue a final rejection of application. If we would like to appeal, we can submit a request of a trial against the final rejection of the application.

Objection to registration

It is possible to void registration within 2 months of publication issuance by raising an objection to registration in case of dissatisfaction with other trademark legislations.

Request for trial for invalidation・cancellation of a registered trademark

Even after objection of registration as above was raised, we can cancel registration of trademarks by request for trial for invalidation or cancellation if there is a need for this.

Application of updating of duration

Trademarks are valid for 10 years but it is possible to extent it 6 months before the expiration of the 10 year period. Our office offers this service and manages your trademarks safely.

Other support

We conduct other services such as changing of indication (address/name), registration and determination of right of use or pledge. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


We focus on filing of trademarks. But of course we are also able to proceed with other formalities regarding trademarks and search it through international agents similar to the domestic business agents mentioned above.

We have an extensive network all over the world since the Managing Director used to work in the patent office focusing on international transactions.



Address 7F Nihonbashi-Ningyocho-Place bldg., 1-13-7, Nihonbashikakigaracho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0014 Japan

・Toei Asakusa Line “Ningyocho” station, 3 minutes on foot.
・Tokyo metro Hibiya line “Ningyocho” station, 3 minutes on foot.
・Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line ‘Suitengumae’ Station, 2 minutes on foot.